Good ovulation test【review of easy@Home & Clear blue】


ovulation test

With an ovulation test, you can predict your date of ovulation.

It is very important to predict the ovulation date for persons who wish to get pregnant.

This website tells you about good ovulation tests in the U.S., “easy@Home” and “Clearblue“.

Ovulation and pregnancy test

An ovulation test predicts your ovulation date at the concentration of LH surges (luteinizing hormone) in urine.

If you have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), the results may not be correct.

You can check your pregnancy with pregnancy test by the concentration of HCG in the urine.

A normal pregnancy test can detect 50 mIU/ml of HCG, and can be used about a week after the expected menstrual date.

An Early pregnancy test can detect 25mIU/mL of HCG, so it can be used from the scheduled menstrual period.

You might need to use a pregnancy test even without signs of pregnancy.

For example, I used an pregnancy test before having HSG (Hysterosalpingography) in order to ensure that I was not pregnant.

HSG is one of the most common infertility tests.

Some ovulation tests are sold with pregnancy tests.


easy@Home ovulation test is cheap.

It was ranked #1 in the Amazon ovulation test category (as of October 21, 2021).

You can choose only ovulation test or a set of ovulation and pregnancy test.

I bought a set of 50 ovulation test strips and 20 pregnancy test strips on Amazon.

How to use ovulation test

It’s simple to use.

For LH tests, testing from noon to the early evening gives you the most accurate concentration for testing. Test twice when the line starts getting darker. For HCG tests, the first morning urine is recommended for the most accuracy.

Quoted from easy@Home Ovulation Test Strips Powered by Premom Ovulation Predictor APP;
Ovulation test drugs
  1. Open the Ovulation test and take the strip out
  2. Collect the urine in a cup and soak the strips for about 5-10 seconds
  3. Place the strip flat and wait for 3-5 minutes
  4. Read the lines

When an LH surge is detected, two-lines can be read.

If no LH surge is detected, there is a single line.

The color strength of line depends on the concentration of LH surge.

For more information, download the free mobile app of “premom” and take a photo of the strip.

As soon as you take a photo, the app tells you the level of LH surge and results (Low, High or Peak).

In addition to it, the app has more convenient options.

For example, you can record your period and basal body temperature (BBT) in the app.

How to use pregnancy test

The use of pregnancy test is the same as ovulation test.

Pregnancy test drugs

The pregnancy test drug is a pink package that says “Early Pregnancy Test”.

Immerse the strip in the collected urine for 5-10 seconds, and wait for 3-5 minutes.

If two lines come out, you are pregnant.

Since easy@Home pregnancy test can detect 25 mIU/ml of HCG, it can be used from the scheduled menstrual day.


Next, I will introduce Clearblue ovulation test.

Clearblue also has an analog type of ovulation test with which you can predict your ovulation date by reading two lines.

However, I do recommend digital Clearblue ovulation tests.

I was thinking to buy a Clearblue ovulation test at a pharmacy, but I bought it on Amazon because the price was much cheaper.

Clearblue have different types of ovulation test.

Product nameLH surge detectionDetectionApp
Connected Ovulation Test SystemLow/High/Peakabout 4 days before
Advanced Digital Ovulation Test Low/High/Peak about 4 days before
Digital Ovulation TestNo/LH Surgeabout 2 days before

Only Connected ovulation test system can connect Clearblue mobile App by Bluetooth.

Both Connected and Advanced ovulation test can detect not only LH surge but also estrogen.

Therefore they can predict your ovulation date about 4 days before.

Connected and Advanced Digital Ovulation Test

Connected Digital Ovulation Test and Advanced Digital Ovulation Test can tell you low, high, and peak of LH surges.

  • 〇…Low
  • Flashing smiley face…High
  • Static smiley face…Peak (Best Timing)

When the Peak smiley face appears, it remains on display for 48 hours.

You cannot use the ovulation test while the peak smiley face is on display.

Therefore, it is not possible to determine whether the LH surge has decreased.

I used both easy@Home and Clearblue.

Clearblue was able to detect LH surges earlier and was more accurate compared with easy@Home.

Digital Ovulation Test

The Digital Ovulation Test determines whether there is LH surge or no LH surge.

  • 〇…No LH surge
  • Smiley face…LH surge

How to use ovulation test

The first urine in the morning is suitable for the test.

  1. Insert the test stick into the holder
  2. Put the stick directly into the urine for 3 seconds /dip it in the collected urine for 15 seconds
  3. Replace the cap
  4. Lay the test flat and wait
  5. Read result in five minutes
  6. Remove the stick from the holder

The holder is digital and need to be used multiple times.

Therefore please use it carefully not to get wet.

It may be broken when it gets wet.


Ovulation test can be purchased at a low price on Amazon compared with pharmacies.

Since ovulation tests have best before date, you should buy it as needed.

Clearblue ovulation test is more expensive than easy@Home, but it can predict an ovulation date about 4 days before, which will help you to get more chances to have a baby.

I used both Clearblue and easy@Home ovulation test as the situation demanded in order to save money.

In addition to ovulation tests, checking basal body temperature is a good way to predict an ovulation date.