【Gray hair dye in the U.S.】Hoyu Bigen 10 min



I dye my gray hair every month in the U.S.

However, dye did not work well with gray hair.

I was looking for a good gray hair dye and I found the Bigen Speedy Conditioning Color Kit.

This website introduce Bigen gray hair dyeing that you can use partially.

American Gray Hair Dyeing

Gray hair dyeing can be purchased at supermarkets such as Walmart, pharmacies, Amazon, etc. in the United States.

Gray hair dyeing is called “gray coverage” in English.

With normal hair color, gray hair does not stain well.

Hair dyes has two types; permanent and semi-permanent.

With permanent hair dyes, color lasts longer, but damage to hair is greater.

Some semi-permanent hair dyes are dyed gradually with shampoos and conditioners.

I first tried Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection, Semi-Perm Hair Color, which dyes gray hair, but my gray hair didn’t stain.

Bigen Gray Hair Dyeing

Bigen gray hair dyes can be purchased on Amazon and some Asian supermarkets.

I found it at a Chinese supermarket in my town, but the price was higher than that was sold on Amazon.

I bought the Bigen Speedy Harmony Color Kit.

There are other hair colors that can be dyed with a simple one push without the need to mix color agents.

There is a gray hair dye for men too.

You can choose from three colors; black, dark brown, black-brown.

Speedy Conditioning Color

Speedy conditioning color is a permanent hair dye.

Two types are on sale: Kit and Refill.

The difference between the kit and refill is 2-way brush, gloves and tray.

Set contentsKitRefill
Cream Colorant (1)11
Cream Colorant (2)11
2-way Brush10

The cream colorant is 40 g each.

Mix two kinds of colorants and use.

Since refill includes only two cream colorants and an instructions, it is cheaper than the kit.

The instruction is written in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish, so it is easy to understand.



You can choose from 10 colors.


I chose number 7 of Brownish-Black color.

My hair is not black, but brown-black.

No. 7 was a perfect color for me.

Notes before hair color

  • If you are worried about skin rash, perform the skin allergy test before use
  • Wash your hair 24 hours in advance

If you dye your hair for the first time, it is safe to do the skin allrgy test just in case.

Hair washing before hair color is recommended 24 hours in advance.

If you wash your hair just before dyeing, you may get a scratch on your scalp and you may feel itching and pain during dyeing.

If you use a lot of hair styling, it is difficult to dye.

In that case, you need to wash your hair before the hair color.


The instructions describe how to dye the entire hair and how to dye partially (retouch).

For details, please refer to the instructions.

The colorant (1) is sealed, so make a hole with the lid.


Mix same amount of colorants (1) and (2) in the tray.

I wanted to dye only gray hairs, so I used 10 g at a time.


It is said that mixture is ineffective 30 minutes after mixing.

Colorants cannot be stored after mixing, so please use them as much as necessary.

After use, close the lid tightly.

After applying a colorants to the hair, and leave on for about 7 to 10 minutes.

If you have thick and strong hair or have a lot of gray hairs, you can leave on more.

Please check the condition of your hair and adjust the time.

After applying colorants, I wrap my hair.

The reason I wrap my hair is to prevent the colorants from drying out and to prevent furniture from getting dirty with it.

If you want to do housework for a little while after applying colorants, your head may hit the shelf.

If you wrap your hair, you can rest assured that the colorants will not stick around.

In addition, it seems that the wrap has the effect of improving the penetration of the colorants by the heat of the scalp and reducing unevenness of the finish.

I use “Stretch-tite Plastic Wrap” of Costco KIRKLAND.

After time, rinse the colorants well with warm water, and shampoo and conditioner.

Wash and dry gloves, trays and brushes well.

Recommended Points

Here are some reasons why I recommend Bigen speedy conditioning colors.

Can be partially dyed

My favorite point is that I can use it partially.

You don’t need to use the colorants at once, you can use as much as you need.

“Best before date” was not written.

Bigen one-push hair color can save up to six months of the remaining amount.

Frequent dyeing of hair will cause damage to the hair and scalp.

Even so, gray hair grows in 2-3 weeks.

If you can dye partially, it is good not only to hair and scalp, but also to your wallet.

Dyed in a short time

Apply colorants to the hair and leave for about 7 to 10 minutes.

I had to leave for 30 minutes when I use L’oreal Paris gray hair dye.

You can save time by Bigen hair color.

Easy to apply with a brush

Bigen gray hair dye includes a 2-way brush.

It is easy to dye partially, and the hands are also hard to get dirty.

In my case, I used a brush with my right hand during dyeing.

I wore only one glove on my left hand, and my hands were not get dirty.


Bigen speedy conditioning color does not use ammonia components.

There was no irritating smell of hair color.

Gray hair dyes

I used L’Oreal hair color and it was hard to dye gray hair.

Bigen is not perfect either, but it worked well on gray hair.

Minus point

Bigen speedy conditioning color doesn’t include a conditioner.

The hair color itself contains six herbal essences, but you need to prepare a conditioner by yourself.

Conditioners are important because hair color damage your hair.

For example, L’Oreal hair colour comes with a pre-hair color treatment and a later conditioner.

L'Oreal Hair Color

Although there are negative points, Bigen hair color is cheap because it does not include a conditioner.

You can also choose cheaper refills.


If you’re looking for grey hair dyeing in the U.S., Bigen’s speedy conditioning color is for you.

You can buy it at Asian supermarkets, but I think Amazon has more color options and the price is cheaper.