[Glass Cook Top CLEANING] Remove Burned with WEIMAN


Built-in glass electric stove top where spiral electric wire generates heat, are common in the United States.

But it may be difficult to get used to it because it takes while until it get hot and cool down.

It can get pretty dirty and it is hard to remove burned.

In this website, I will introduce how to remove the tough burned with Weiman Cook top Cleaning Kit.

Cook Top Cleaning

I wipe and clean cook top after cooking by Baby Wipes of Costco Kirkland, but I cannot remove burned.

Wet Tissue

Therefore I bought Weiman’s Cook Top Cleaning Kit.

Stove Cleaner

As of October 2021 on Amazon, it was ranked #1 in Cooktop Cleaner category.

This kit includes three tools.

  • Cleaner & Polish
  • Scrubbing Tool & Pad
  • Scraper

Cleaning kit

Open the lid of Cleaner & Polish, and remove the seal.


Since the razor blade is upside down, the Scraper need to be replaced in the direction where sharp end faces out.


You can remove the blade by turning the black screw counterclockwise.

At this time, please be careful not to lose any parts.

How to clean

The cleaning method is simple.

Before cleaning, please make sure that cook top is cool.

  1. Shake well and apply cleaner & polish directly on cook top
  2. Scrub cook top with Scrubbing Tool & Pad
  3. Use Scraper as needed

There are four burners at my home, and the two front ones are pretty dirty.


It is tough burned and the surface of burners is rough.

Applied the cleaner directly on the stove and scrub strongly with Scrubbing Tool & Pad.

I had to scrub with great effort in order to remove burned.


Use the scraper at a 45-degree angle.

At first I used the scraper very carefully and gently, but it didn’t remove residue.

You should use the scraper from various directions carefully with effort and strength.


If residue is tough, you need to repeat applying cleaner, scrubbing and using scraper several times.

After repeating about 5 times, the residue was removed.


The cleaner get dry in a short time.

I tried to clean four burners at the same time, but while I was struggling one burner, the cleaner got dry and useless.

If residue of your burners is tough, please clean one by one.

After cleaning, wipe off the cleaner.

I wiped cook top with Baby Wipe.

You can wipe cleaner with kitchen paper or cloth, but wet tissue is easier to wipe off.


It became quite beautiful.

You can see the difference.


I also noticed the letter “Power” on cook top for the first time, which was hidden.


The surface is smoother.

There is no change on the scratches of burner.

After using the cleaning kit, I wiped off the dirt of the scraper.

Since the scraper will get a cleaner between the gaps, it is recommended to remove the razor blade once to clean.

What I thought

After using Weiman cleaner kit, I found that Scrubbing Tool & Pad and Scraper were very useful.

I couldn’t remove the tough burned without Scraper.

The cleaner which I bought is a small bottle containing 2 oz (56.7 g), and I used about half the amount.


  • Weiman Cook Top Cleaning Kit can remove tough burned
  • For tough reside, use scrubbing pad and scraper repeatedly
  • Since cleaner get dry in a short time, apply little by little.